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Artigiani sapiens

The history of woodworking for the Angotzi family began in 1890, with great-grandfather Damiano solinas, who inserted the gene of passion for wood to all the lineage.
The passion for wood becomes a real activity with his son Matteo who, together with his brother-in-law Francesco Angotzi, founded in 1945 the carpentry shop solinas Damiano snc. Everything was produced, from the wheels of the wagons, to the furniture, to the dead crates, windows and products of artisanal carpentry in general.

In 1950, Father Angelo joined the family business and contributed to growth and development.
Later, after completing their studies, one at a time, the sons Francesco, Giuseppe and Gianluca also enter the company full-time. In 1998, the work increased to the point of deciding to relocate the company to the Industrial Zone of chilivani, where the construction of a shed that will be expanded up to 1000 m2 begins. As the expansion begins the important investments in highly mechanized machines, the production increases considerably, it is decided to specialize especially in the production of windows, while not leaving the production of furniture, kitchens, roofs and stairs.

In 2002, a further 1000 m2 was added to the initial 1000 m2 in order to better manage industrial production.

Specialisation an the need to produce goods at competitive prices, however, requires additional investment: a numerically controlled pantograph is purchased In 2005 the company revised its name and logo and became the Falegnameria G.F.G dei F.lli Francesco, Giuseppe, Gianluca snc, now srl.

In 2006 a further expansion, with the adoption of a new production line, a revolutionary system that combines production speed with a very high quality standard.
To be closer and more sensitive to the customer’s requests, all key positions are directly controlled by the family, which makes use of trained collaborators.

What was a small craft workshop has become an important regional reality, leader in the production of fixtures by certified quality.


Every day our commitment is to make fixtures that go beyond the beauty.
We design superior quality and innovation.
We use increasingly precise control methodologies.

All the processing phases are subjected to continuous quality controls that allow us to reach the installation and final testing that attests to the excellent functionality of the product. For this reason, since 2010, we wanted to certify our windows with the CE marking, to further guarantee, for our customers, the quality of our products.

Windows designed to furnish your home with customizable solutions and with the aim of creating a product that really suits the needs of your home. One hundred years of experience have taught us to know our work in depth, to be Artigiani Sapiens (Craftsmen Sapiens) and not to be satisfied or to want to anchor ourselves in the past.

Our job is to innovate, our goal is to make your homes more beautiful, safer and elegant.

The assembly and the register of accessories, hardware and glass meet one criterion: the choice of the best with the utmost care: our locking systems, certified with the RAL quality mark, are tested for 10,000 openings; our glasses are Saint Gobain because they ensure the highest degree of acoustic abatement, thermal insulation and safety in the event of impacts, with double functionality low emissivity and solar control, in addition to 10 years of warranty against condensation inside two plates; fitted with gaskets made of TPE-V and EPDM, materials able to maintain the elastic memory and thus ensure the durability. A team of specially trained collaborators carries out the implementation of the system.

Quality, experience and professionalism, design and freedom of choice in accordance with the wishes and needs of the customer are combined in a unique certainty only by GFG Serramenti.

We are the answer to any aesthetic and functional need, fixtures from the perfect rendering, no surprises and no risk.