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Our window production comes from the experience of our master carpenters; it consists of a wide range of products made of solid wood of great quality and design, with finishes of absolute quality. We offer windows made with the most precious LAMINATED WOOD ESSENCES WITH COUNTERPOISED FIBER, with Integrated Monobloc System or in wood-aluminum or aluminum-wood.
Using the best wood essences on the market we can produce solid wood interior doors of any size and design and thanks to our experience combined with a high technological level we can meet all the needs, technical or aesthetic, of our customers. All doors are made with special seals that avoid noise and draughts, perfect maneuverability and functionality, painting with state-of-the-art systems with quality controls that guarantee durability. In the same way we can produce pantographed doors using numerical control machines that guarantee the absolute quality of the product. A line of simple and at the same time very elegant doors. They can be produced in multiple shades of color from the most classic to the modern. The engraving on the panel can be customized according to style and need. The internal structure of the sash is made of spruce with two sheets of wood chosen by the customer from 10 mm thick. Frame and covering strips are made of solid wood. The frame has a special seal that prevents the passage of draughts improving the sound insulation. Pantographed doors can be produced in blind, single and English glass.
Everything we do is first studied, designed and discussed with the customer, considering and respecting any need for functionality and design. We start from our idea of home, of a place designed for those who live there and for no other. This is why we combine quality design and attention to detail that make our creations unique, we never do something equal to another.