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External Windows

External Windows

Laminated wood Windows

Our window production comes from the experience of our master carpenters; it consists of a wide range of products made of solid wood of great quality and design, with finishes of absolute quality.
All the windows are made with the most precious LAMINATED WOOD ESSENCES WITH COUNTERPOISED FIBER in order to guarantee the indeformability.

The chassis, equipped with soundproofing and anti-mist seals, are studied in detail, the’ anuba is adjustable in width and height.

The particularly sophisticated design is the right compromise between beauty, the warmth of tradition and the needs of a modern home. The assembly and the register of accessories, hardware and glass; the choice only of the best components: locking systems, certified with the RAL quality mark and tested for 10,000 openings; Saint Gobain glass providing the highest degree of acoustic abatement, thermal insulation and impact safety, plus 10 years warranty against condensation inside the two sheets; EPDM gaskets, material able to maintain its elastic memory over time and thus ensure the durability. The implementation of the system is carried out by a team of specially trained collaborators.

All this has a single goal: the achievement of total adherence between the finished product and the wishes of the customer.

The storage and sorting of the best raw materials; the first cut made by experienced hands by the operator; the precise work of the robots, whose quality is controlled step by step by a specialized operator; the assembly and gluing of the semifinished worked; the constant human control; the finishing by hand, irreplaceable perfectionism of the experience; Joseph, Francis and Gianluca Angotzi, heirs of passion and tradition, together lead society with increasing success.

Monobloc System Windows

GFG offers an additional possibility: we design and manufacture a single-piece integrated system, including window, shutter (with cantilever hinge or backrest) and mosquito net all in one solution.
Quality, practicality and design to meet every need.

Wooden-aluminium or aluminium-wood window:

Not a difference in terms but a substantial difference

A wood-aluminium window is constructed with the same structural and functional characteristics as a wooden window to which “is made to wear” a dress that is precisely the external aluminum coating.
The thickness of the finished frame is mm 90×68 + 22 of aluminium (90 x 90) for the sash and mm 70×68 + 22 of aluminium (70 x 90) for the frame;

Characteristics of wood-aluminium:

This structure guarantees excellent stability and acoustic and thermal insulation. The use of modern impregnants applied with a “Flow Coating” immersion system and new paints applied with electrostatic guns, allow to protect the wood from the wear of time.

The modern energy-saving glasses assembled with hot duct not only avoid the phenomenon of condensation but guarantee a considerable energy saving.

The aluminium cover is fixed with a patented system that allows to keep it detached from the wood favoring the air recirculation avoiding the creation of condensation that could give rise to phenomena of decay.

An aluminium-wood window does not always have the same performance as an wood- aluminium window. In fact, in order to reduce costs, the aluminium sections (excellent thermal conductor) are not sufficient to ensure effective insulation and thin wood strip, often not of high quality, is not comparable to the colour and robustness of a wood-aluminium window.

Sliding doors    
To adapt to particular technical or stylistic needs, we produce sliding doors, with and without retractable doors, even of large dimensions.

Shutters and Main doors

The shutter undoubtedly assumes a leading role as the closing of the window compartment, responding well to the essential requirement required, recognized in the need to eliminate and/or regulate the external luminous flux and increase the safety of the house by limiting the possibilities of break-in.

With the same dedication which the windows are built with, we also build shutters to be installed on the outside or shutters to be installed inside.

But a beautiful house definitely needs a proper door able to keep away the weather and the bad guys. The skill of our master craftsmen combined with the precise work of modern machinery makes it possible to create unique products.