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Why Wood

is customizable: you can make works with different colors and shapes. Even the most complex and innovative ideas can be realized thanks to its flexibility

is eco-friendly and sustainable: its use has the least environmental impact in absolute, just a seed to give life and with time will return to nature

Cleans the air: it is the only raw material that, by forming, cleans the air using carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Verify that the wood used for your windows is certified.

has healing properties and is safe for health: over the years have been discovered numerous healing properties and thanks to the partnership between GFG Serramenti and Remmers Italy, all substances (binders, resins, dyes) are safe and free of harmful substances

thermal insulation: not only during winter, but also in summer due to its remarkable mass (the main parameter for judging the insulation of a material)

is modern: in all works, even the most complicated ones, wood is the most advanced technological choice thanks to its resistance, lightness, economy, low cost in maintenance


Water tightness

The water tightness of a window is the ability to prevent water infiltration under the action of a differential pressure (Pascal – Pa) between the inside and the outside and concerns only and exclusively the window, obviously not in operation. The new Remmers Aqua-stopp molecules allow water tightness within extremely short time and solve the problem of bubble formation and frost damage because of their compactness of numerous and reactive bonds and hydrophobic admixture additives, starting from 72 hours after application a barrier against infiltration of water is formed, a barrier that traditional paints present only after about 6 weeks.

Isolation from sunlight

The last generation UV filters used by Remmers in finishing varnishes act as very small prisms capable of breaking down UV rays into radiation of greater amplitude, but with less energy; this avoids the problem of loss of effectiveness over time and provides protection for a more lasting time. The film does not stiffen, does not age, does not form cracks. Another important component in sun protection is the special conical pigments used by Remmers which can be inserted in large quantities into the paint,  providing a high level of protection while maintaining excellent transparency.

Wind resistence

Wind resistence of a frame is that capability of the window that, subjected to strong pressures and/or depressions, maintains an admissible deformation, therefore preserving its properties and safeguarding the safety of the users.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation of windows is represented by the thermal transmittance of them. It is very important because energy saving’s goal is to minimise heat loss, and for this reason it is necessary that the constituent elements of the building envelope have a low thermal transmittance value, in order to reduce the amount of heat lost.

Acoustic insulation

Noise is an unpleasant sound and constitutes a type of pollution with implications that can cause alterations to normal physiological functions, determine conditions of psychological stress, general malaise and discomfort. The choice of the external window frame and therefore the sound insulation of the windows should be related to the intended use of the room in which the window is to be inserted and to the external noise level.