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Design of fixtures

We design and manufacture wooden fixtures, wood-aluminum fixtures, interior doors, shutters, doorways, wooden roofs, wooden staircases, furniture and kitchens, making use of the best wood essences, the best paints, the best glass, the best machines and over a hundred years long experience. Starting from planning, we are able to provide detailed estimates and advise you on the various forms of tax deductibility.

Pre-sale Services

Our technicians, at your disposal for a free inspection, will provide you with all the information you need to get the product best suited to your needs. The technical skills and experience gained over the years may be the added value on the opportunity every choice you make. The possible solutions and the variants proposed will provide you with the best indications to make the most appropriate choice, taking into account both the feasibility and the costs and sustainability of your project.

Products Exposure

In our Showroom, in the industrial area of ​​Chilivani, you can touch and observe our products and appreciate their qualities and technologies up close. One of our experts will accompany you during the visit, and will help you and guide you in finding the best solutions for your environment, whether you want exterior doors, doors, doors and other custom-made furnishings such as our kitchens and customized environments.

Design and Technology

Architects specializing in the design of environments and our technicians work constantly in search of furnishing solutions for every type of environment. With the help of rendering technologies, you can visit your environment before it is even realized.


The technicians and skilled workers take care of every detail of the installation phase of the products made by our Artisan Carpentry, with the knowledge that every finish is an important and essential component of the product and of the service offered. All our products are accurately transported on company vehicles in compliance with all transport standards in order to guarantee maximum integrity at the time of their installation.

Timeline and Delivery

The quality certifications of work processes and the experience gained over the years, in addition to a reliable and tight-knit work group, allow us to offer the timing and flexibility necessary to best satisfy our customers.


After Sales Assistance

Since the presale phase we try to illustrate the importance of care in the life cycle of products. The guarantees on our products are synonymous with reliability and durability, however, ordinary maintenance, care and cleaning are essential elements to be taken into consideration. To support the efficiency and durability of all the fixtures and handcrafted furniture, our technicians and skilled workers are available to restore damage to the frames (injuries, break-ins etc.), restoration from atmospheric agents, restoration of incorrect maintenance, painting, polishing and other.


In respect of the environment and current regulations we are able to dispose of the frames that are replaced. The fixtures are dismantled, transported and disposed of by our company in a transparent and certified way. The company policy also provides a careful evaluation analysis for the possible recycling of materials and their re-entry into the production cycle.

In case of doors and windows or interior doors’ replacement, as well as for modernizazion/replacemento of the furnishings, the company can take care of the dismatling and disposal of the same in compliance with company policies devoted to the recovery of raw materials. The customer is therefore relieved from the burden of autonomously arranging for disposal at autorized collection centers of the same.