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Renner Warranty

We chose the best in paints production, collaborating with Renner Italy – European leader in the production of paints for interior and exterior windows.

That’s why we can safely offer 10 years warranty for wooden windows and 7 years warranty for external blackout screens (shutters etc…) in the conditions of maximum exposure.

Corrosion Resistance

The main degradation factors are represented by the atmospheric agents and mainly by the combined action of water and sun that can sometimes cause on a wooden frame even serious damage. These are the main problems:

  • Detachment of the paint
  • Attack by blue mushrooms and rot
  • Bubble formation and frost damage
  • Colour variation

The answer

A correct painting cycle for windows always starts with the application of a coat of impregnant that must perform the following functions:

  • Provide protection against xylophagous fungi
  • Stabilize and strengthen the lignin bonds used to hold wood fibers together
  • Reduce capillary absorption of water
  • Isolate from extractives in light lacquered cycles
  • Dye the wood in the mordant cycles
  • Encourage anchoring of the next bottom hand

After the impregnating coat, if you want to give the maximum duration to the painting cycle, you must always apply a primer. The special glulam structure of the Renner molecules allows to maximize the cycle life performance thanks to its maximum sealing and insulation.

The Renner finishing varnish is the best shield to protect the underlying layers from atmospheric stresses. Its characteristics are:

  • Maximum resistance to water;
  • Maximum resistance to UV rays;
  • Reduced intake of air.